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Just Elevator Inspection Service, Inc. has built its name on honest, and precise work.  As the name employs,  “Just” is what you will receive. A fair and unbiased service accompanied by no local or state affiliations.  We will work with you on a new level of service and  integrity.

The process is simple.  Call, fax, or e-mail us for a free estimate.  We will provide a streamline process to ensure your  buildings safety, liability, and reputation.  Feel free to  contact us if you would like assistance in understanding your inspection requirements.

WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES                           

 Certifications & Tests

Acceptance Tests.

Periodic Inspections.

 Semi-Annual Witnessing of Tests.

Annual Witnessing of Tests.

• Consulting 


 • Elevators

 • Escalators

• Dumb Waiters/ Platform Lifts

• Wheelchair Lifts

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